What do i do on a lazy Sunday?? When i dont have any plans, loved ones are away on work, too lazy to hang out with friends??Plain bumming around the house! Get the point? Nope? Well, i guess this is what i would call as “Me enjoyin my ME time with me!!” 🙂

Yup, there are these days too….one of those Sundays when i dont feel the need to rush, to get right out of bed at the right time, to laze around with a book, not have a bath, have the idiot box on even when i might not be watching a thing, eating maggi, havin that warm cuppa chai with Parle-G, the late afternoon naps, and dark chocolate ice-cream to wake me up out of the limbo!!

Not to mention the endless newspaper readings, Sunday Times, not bothering with picking up phone calls, not worrying about getting dressed, just lazying around in my pajamas….Oh wat Bliss!!

Can someone imagine what i feel at such times?? I dont feel a thing, Nothing, no stress, no need to rush, no worries, only pure bliss, random thoughts and a feeling of complete and utter satisfaction with the world…!!

Now dont get me wrong here….I am not an introvert or an un-hygienic person when i say all this!! I mean i love going out, being busy, hanging out with loved ones and friends….and did i not say that Travelling was one of my hobbies?? I love being around people and then some!

But there are times, when i want to just take these time-out sessions, rejuvenate and replenish my body and soul by not taxing it that much! Not stressing out about going to work, planning a date, going out to parties, the non-stop phone calls, keeping in touch with family, not to mention the deadlines at work, the need to be dressed up at all times, and wats the big word, TIME-MANAGEMENT!!!

Well, some sundays i want to give all the clocks in the house a REST!! Time to oil the wheels one might say!  And does this do me good?

Absolutely!! I come out of this limbo replenished and my soul nourished!!  One might say, how is that?

Well, the answer to this came to me today! In a flash!!

The answer is in the following phrase.. i took the time to “Stop and smell the roses” !!

I did what i truly wanted to do, but could not or would not allow myself in a while because of the constant rush to complete mine and other people’s expectations!

There is nothing wrong about being busy, having goals and plans and all that, but at the same time, i feel that all of us do really need to take a breather here!

Relax, take a good look…a good look at the full moon outside, or breathe in to the wonderful smell of jasmines around, or soak ur tired nerves in a warm bath, eat to ur heart’s content,  read ur favourite book and let that smile of satisfaction linger on your face when you tuck into bed at night!!

I bet, you would be ready to face the coming MONDAY, with the same smile when you wake up!!

Happy Sunday on that note!! 🙂



Its a big word!! One, which a person invariably relates himself to, some or the other time in life.

Personally speaking, i am a positive person and i believe firmly in “Good karma results  in good things for a person and bad karma invariably gets back at you sometime or the other in one’s life”.

My philosophy in life remains pretty simply, “Be good as a human being, and do treat others as you would like to be treated”.. Be Humane!!

And so far as my years go, i have been a good person, never done any evil to a person, never thought utterly bad for somebody, and never gone out and about gathering bad karma.

At the same time, i have had my occasional bouts of sadness, anger, jealousy and a feeling of let down in my life. I might also have hurt people by my actions, uncalled for reactions. But i believe that this has been the smallest part of my being. My reactions i believe were normal, and i believe that if i did not have these feelings, then i might as well have been a saint or am demented!

What  i want to put forth from my rants above is that i have been a good person at heart, done good, stayed away from evil, tried to be humane and have consciously tried to have a good conscience.

I agree that each person must have his or her own definition of what can be termed as good and what can be qualified as evil. But at the bottom of it all, i believe, that every action  that you wont mind yourself  being subjected to can be considered as good and anything that you would not like to be subjected to is bad or evil.

I believe in the higher power, i believe in the power that makes this world go around and brings order in place of chaos. And i call it “God”.

I pray to God. I tell him things that make me happy, ones that saddened me. He knows me in and out, as there can be nothing as transparent as one’s conversations with God.

So when i sit infront of an idol or in a temple, what am i actually doing? I am talking to God, telling him my worries, thanking him for the blessings that i have in my life, asking him to take care of my family and friends, a special prayer for a loved one who is going through troubled times.

I talk to him as i would to a loved one, i get angry at him when i am upset. But who am i actually talking to? The brass idol? The image in front of me?

Today, when i was praying to God before i began my day and asking for His blessings, i actually realised that maybe, i was just talking to my own soul. There is this transparency in these conversations. I dont hide things, i let him know that i am happy or upset with him, i ask him for guidance, i ask him for patience.

And today i felt as though the only one who was listening to these conversations of mine was my own Soul.

I am not sure about how i could explain this, but i just know. I need to dwell upon this a lot more and then maybe i would find an answer. But at the moment i know i am having these conversations with my own soul, my conscience.

I am not a very spiritual person, and so i am surprised at this train of thought myself. Putting it down in this post, is somehow giving some meaning to the jumble of thoughts!


The reason the topic for this post is “Disappointment” is because i feel this emotion pretty strongly today. I feel let down. By God. I feel my prayers and my conversations bore no fruit.

One of my loved ones, someone close to my heart, my best friend is going through a troubled phase. I feel that this loved one, who might have his faults, but is someone with a heart of gold, compassionate, sensitive to the need of others and deep down very humane, is going through a lot of mental stress and turmoil.

I believe that prayers should be a way of conversation, a venting of emotions, and a heart to heart with God….ur soul…ur conscience.

My question is that if you are a good person, if you consciously do good deeds, then why is it that you are the one whose patience is the most tried and tested?

Why is it that you are the one who has to take the hardest path to reach your goal?

Cant there be justice in all fairness in this creation that we call “World”?

I feel for my loved one….i feel that he is being tried and tested and is on one of the hardest routes that one has to take to reach one’s goal.

His patience, his confidence, his faith in himself, is at test and is at stake!

My question is that why is it him and not the hundred others who always take the shortcut to their goals inspite of being indifferent to their souls, to their conscience?

And as i write this, i get my answer!!

He is “God’s CHOSEN one”!!!

Bless thy soul….!!


3 Idiots?

This movie has been on my mind ever since i saw it last week. In this blog, i vent out some of my pent up frustrations and honest opinion about our gen-next!! So here it goes…

I had a gala time watching this movie. And i definitely think it is invariably based on the novel by Chetan Bhagat, “5 point someone”, even though a controversy about the same continues to rage!

Having said that, i thoroughly enjoyed watching this movie, and by the time i walked out of the theater, i had a strong feeling in the pit of my stomach about how i would want my kids to be raised and the kind of independence and free will that they would enjoy! One of the most important being the freedom to choose and do things that THEY would love to do.

The background of this blog is as follows. I have had a relatively sheltered childhood. My parents welcomed me as their first child and never highlighted any differences or preferences towards my younger brother since i was a girl child in an Indian family! If anything, my dad was and still is biased towards me.. 🙂 And my immediate family too was loving and kind.

My young universe consisted of the most simple things in life. Early to bed, off to school in the morning, back home in the afternoon, one hour of studying at the local tuitions (My mom could only help me with English till a certain school standard, after which i joined tuition classes), back home, time out with friends, an early and simple dinner, homework and off to sleep.

Weekends, would mean a slightly different routine of half a day at school, lots of time with friends, an outing with the family, sunday movie and cartoon on television. I am amazed at how unimportant television was at that point in my life! I spent my time more outdoors than indoors.

Today, its been a decade since i left school, after which i completed my undergrads and then came over to the US to do my Masters, and now i have been working. But sometimes when i think of those innocent and carefree school days, and  it seems like another lifetime!

Anyways, this was my background. Junior college meant more freedom, new set of friends, and some mischief! But it never went beyond that.

Flash back to today and i see an enormous change around me. My young nephews, still in kindergarten have a busier day and an even busier calender ahead of them. I am flabbergasted at how much effort young parents take in trying to send their kids to various different classes. These classes could be anything from “Easy Mathematics”, “Voice Lessons”, “Dance Classes”, “Chess Lessons”, “Algebra for kids”, “Drawing lessons”, “Personality Development”, “Music Classes”,  besides the regular school tuitions and so on and so forth.

I am not saying that it is wrong in making kids learn new things. In fact i would appreciate parents taking the time and effort to help their kids learn music or take up an art as a hobby, but it seems that this hobby has turned into a competition or obsession for parents where the kid who learns the most wins.

Young innocent pupils are seen carrying school bags that are so heavy with books that one could compare them to  a scene with kids carrying heavy bags of concrete on their tiny shoulders. And it is true that today’s kids  face a lot more health issues that we did. They have weak shoulders, weaker bodies due to lack of sports as most of their time is spend indoor either in tuitions or in front of the idiot box or computers playing video games during their free time. Most kids wear glasses, and the fast food culture is so rampant that it has made them averse to healthier simpler meals!

All in all, i think that kids today are smarter than what we were a decade ago at the same age. Meaning that they are more familiar with computers, highly accomplished at complex video games, have greater confidence, and seem to be at ease with gizmos which would even baffle most adults.

But at the same time, these kids have a lost innocence, a faraway childhood… They seem to have grown up too fast, and are already competing….Making friends is not about being comfortable with another kid anymore, but its about status-quo, a give and take…

It looks like a generation already geared up with the goods to run in the race for better life, more money, more power and greater luxuries.

My question is, are their parents responsible for this? Or are they simply trying to give their kids the best that they could do, so that their kids do not lag behind in this race where every kid is a super-kid of some kind?

“3 Idiots” in this respect could be very well an eye-opener.

I read about 3 young children committing suicide in Mumbai over a peroid of three days around New Years Eve. It made news. And then the news got lost in the midst of the many controversies happening every single day in this world.

I feel for them. I feel their pressure. And i feel their pain. I think i do. I hope i do. And i hope most of us do feel it.

Because its time that we all stop running behind our ideal goals, ideal lifestyle, ideal vacation, and ideal bank balances.

Its time we give the required guidance and support to these innocent kids. They need to know that its okay to make mistakes. Someone needs to tell them that its okay to come in second. Its okay to be an average kid.

We need to do that, before its too late.

Here in America, the greatest enemy of young people is not their parent’s expectations or social stigma. Because these days, they dont seem to care about these things anymore.

Their enemy is DRUGS!!

And they have no fear…no guilt and no conscience when they do these. Parents realize this, but oftentimes its too late.

I feel that the kids in India are on the same path. Expectations leading to Competition. Competition leading to greater stress. Stress leading to anti socialism. Anti socialism leading to DRUGS, SUICIDES!!

Its not too late…. Yet.!!

I hope young parents get the message, are better informed and are open-eyed!!

Because these young kids need us, need our support, but more than anything a forgiving and relaxed atmosphere filled with love and hope!!

They need their childhood. They need to be able to make mistakes and not feel tremendously guilty about it. They need to fall and be able to get up with your support.

More than anything else, they need freedom! Freedom to choose their hobbies, freedom to come in second, freedom to give in their best shot without the accompanying pressure! Freedom to paint the canvas of their lives with any color they choose to!

Freedom to breath, enjoy the sunshine, and enjoy their adolescence… Coz you know as well as i do, that its never coming back again!!



In this blog i only talk of those lucky few kids who have the means and the opportunity to study!! There are thousands more in our country and around the world who still are in darkness. Darkness that only the LIGHT of knowledge can nullify!


I am quiet nervous honestly…writing my first post!!

Actually, any firsts in life can be nerve-racking….the adrenalin flow can power a jet (Okay, now am exaggerating 😉 )…

Would love to recount my first experiences here….good way to start….better than staring into space and thinking about finding a super topic to write about!!

My first day in school…while some of us lucky few might be able to still recollect what went through their mind, i will have to trust and rely on what my mommy told me that happened on that auspicious day!

From what i have been told, i was happy and content going to school with a brand new school bag, water bottle, tiffin, slate, and all the works…. It being a big day, i was given special treatment at home…special meaning, i could leave some milk back in the cup and i wont be frowned upon….!! 🙂

Turns out, i didnt know what i had in store for me that day.. i was told in sugary-coated words, that i would be going to school, meeting loads of kids, making friends (They didnt mention those naughty types, who ate ur lunch, and threw chalk pieces at u), playin (they skipped the part of there being a teacher who taught), and what not…!!

So here i was, at the door of my first class, and still being strong, no-crying, no tantrums, when my parents hugged me and left me in the care of the teacher after introductions!

I went in and was faced with near chaos…there were kids my age, howling….howling and crying to the top of their voices, begging, pleading, puking (I swear), and then some who were trying to play with the new toys around, but cudnt…as the screaming and tantrum throwing, and clinging to your mom’s saree or your dad’s collar was the order of the day..!!

I on the other hand, took the entire scene in within the first minute of my parents taking a few steps out and twin sprinklers started running from my eyes…started with sprinklers, went on to become a stream and then turned into a full-blown waterfall…!!

My dad, who is a softie at heart could not take seeing me like that and came back with mommy…A few minutes of hugging, cajoling, explaining, friend-making with the nearest kid, promises of them being just outside the fence, ice-cream and cadbury made me pause for breath in the middle of my near- operatic performance.

And by then the  teacher was practically dragging me and most kids inside the classroom and asking all parents to leave as they were making all kids nervous…. That over, the rest of the hours was anything but like the curtain-raiser… Games, picnic, making friends, sleeping in the middle of the classroom, and waking up to find your parents waiting for u, being over-joyed at the fact that you could go home was what my rest of the day was made of…

My parents used to joke about this later saying that we all kids behaved as if we were being sent to jail!!

All said and then, going to school became a cherished and important part of my life for the next decade… I made friends who i consider priceless today…. I could not understand all this then, but going to school, building those precious relations, being part of a large family, adhering to long trusted traditions, understanding the words “Respect your teachers”, “Exams”, “Sports”, “National Anthem”, “Friendship”, and numerous such meaningful things in life was the cornerstone on which i build my life and became who i am today!!

This is the first experience of the many that i would write about in this diary, for more to come!

Hope you enjoyed reading my first post, and it brought forth a memory of what your first school day was about, either through you or through your parents eyes!!

I wish and pray that every child born in this world gets the valuable gift of education!! Amen!!!